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With Years of experience in spa management, The Cygalle Healing Spa is an enthusiastic partner  helps design, build and market world-class spas and lifestyle centers at exclusive hotels, resorts, and wellness centers all around the world.

We provide guests and visitors a unique value proposition – “The Gift of Time” – through a range of private ownership and club membership programs that will allow guests to enjoy a wide range of amenities and activities while enjoying top-notch specialty service and treatments that promote health, beauty, and longevity.  

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CHS commits to principles and practices of green building and sustainable living.  While the details of how these practices apply to specific projectS may vary. The Cygalle team workS to incorporate our green principles and ethics as appropriate into EACH spa project.

CHS builds wellness programs that complement unique brand visions, and that will help set the exclusive community apart from its competition. CHS envisions the spas they manage to be a centerpiece of the resort community, with the goal of making it a major draw for its resort guests and visitors.  



All-around seasoned team: In addition to CHS’s rich network of celebrity clientele, influencers, and VIPs, CHS provides a team of design, spa management, and marketing and public relations consultants committed to pre-opening and spa launch efforts

CHS’s robust network of influencers: CHS leverages its relationships with celebrities and socialites as appropriate and necessary to help elevate spa brand cache

Providing added-value to guests: CHS works concertedly to offer guests exclusive service offerings for guests unavailable anywhere else. An increase in projected value for guests

Generate revenue on multiple fronts: CHS offers a wide range and full breadth of services that will create multiple channels to generate revenue (i.e. classes and lectures, retail opportunities, etc.):

  • Spa treatments and therapies, including massage, facials, reflexology, body treatments and manicure/pedicure
  • Fitness and outdoor adventure
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Medical and therapeutic services
  • Retreats, guest therapists and guest doctors
  • Wellness programming
  • Beauty and salon
  • Health food lounge
  • Men services (barber, men’s grooming, sports massages)
  • Lifestyle and program packages (wedding, golf, romance)
  • Membership
  • Spa boutique to promote retail product sales

Build a spa that will elevate to desired levels: the chs spa will attract affluent residence & guests

Not just a spa: CHS aims to build new wellness communities that promote holistic lifestyles and sense of wellbeing. our spas offer a level of intimacy for those seeking solace and escape in a private world