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Beauty & Wellness Services

For your pleasure and indulgence the Cygalle Healing Spa provides a wide range of massages, facials and body treatments to complement the sporting options and relaxing influences offered by our resort.

All of our treatment rooms are luxurious suites that can accommodate simultaneous treatments for couples, family members or friends.

Signature Facials

100 minutes • $175

CHS Regenerating Lift Facial

Our exclusive pure botanical preparation contains premium ingredients that are fine tuned to reduce the visible signs of aging and dryness by increasing moisture and targeting deficiencies with vitamins, minerals and humectants necessary for balanced skin. Highly potent antioxidants, exfoliating alpha-hydroxy acids and vital nourishing ingredients revitalize and encourage tissue regeneration on a cellular level. Your skin will feel silky smooth resulting in dramatically younger looking skin.

CHS Purifying Facial

The optimum facial for oily/combination/acne prone skin. Balance is achieved by removing impurities, gently exfoliating and adding botanicals and extracts to work to calm and balance the skin.


50 minutes • $95
with added 50 minute massage or exfoliation • $175

CHS Nourishing Facial

The potent synergy of organic ingredients used in this treatment encourage normal collagen production, nurture and protect from harsh, drying elements, and aid in the restoration of a healthy moisture balance. Using micro-organic ingredients that assist in cellular restructuring, each product carefully protects the delicate acid mantle while addressing redness and irritation associated with dry, sensitive skin. Emollient oils and natural moisturizing factors provide much needed nourishment, leaving skin deeply moisturized and revitalized.

Gentleman's Facial

This de-stressing facial includes holistic products specially selected for masculine sensibilities to deep clean, moisturize and tone the skin. Steamy hot towel wraps and relaxing scalp, neck and shoulder massage make this treatment an especially rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

Cygalle Healing Spa
Hot/Cold Water Ritual

20 minutes • $35

In almost every culture throughout history, water therapy has been an important custom for purification of the mind and body. From Japanese bath houses to the famous Roman & Turkish baths to the Native American sweat lodges, the healing effects of steam, heat and hot/cold water therapy have been considered an important ritual that rejuvenates the spirit, relaxes the mind and cleanses the body. We will give you a suggested 20 minute format for using the sauna, steam bath, and hot and cold water plunges that will allow you to experience water's healing power. We highly recommend booking this treatment before any massage or body treatment to further enhance your relaxation experience.

Master Therapist & Trainer Leslie Bruder's
Phenomenal 3D Hot Stone Massage

100 minutes • $180
available in spa only

The world-reknowned ultimate in hot stone therapy unlike any hot stone massage you've ever had. Hot and cold smooth oiled river stones are seamlessly placed on and used to massage your body in a blissful tension melting dance. A delicious sensory experience, that is calming and grounding and simply unforgettable.

Crystal Chakra Aromatherapy

50 minutes • $90
for two simultaneous • $170

According to ancient Indian philosophy, every person has seven main energy centers (chakras) in their body that each has a color and frequency. Blockages in the flow of the prana or life energy between these chakras can create imbalance in the body and lead to loss of vitality and illness. Practitioners place crystals or gemstones with harmonizing color and frequency on each chakra center to remove congestion, assist in restoration of prana flow and to promote well-being. In addition, a corresponding essential oil is applied to each chakra to heighten your sensory experience and aid in the restorative process.

Healing Body Treatments

100 minutes • $180
for two simultaneous • $350

Our formulas are created in our "spa pharmacy" daily to deliver the highest potency and freshness to you and your skin. Each of these 100 minute body treatments include a complimenting body exfoliation, nourishing wrap and hydrating full body mini-massage.

Mermaid Mint Sea Wrap

Utilizes the richness of sea plants, the stimulating effects of peppermint and the clarifying properties of clay to both detoxify and re-mineralize the skin and body. Following a gentle loofah exfoliation, the body is painted with a warm vibrant green sea clay and wrapped in a nurturing cocoon. While wrapped, you will be given a neck, face and scalp massage. This treatment ends with a further hydrating mini-massage with refreshing peppermint massage oil. Beneficial for reducing water retention and appearance of cellulite.

Land of Milk and Honey

This amazing combination of holistic ingredients will leave your skin silky smooth and feeling so nurtured. Organic honey is first applied and "pulled" in a gentle exfoliation. The body is then covered with a nourishing soft puree that includes organic milk, oats, aloe and bee pollen and then gently wrapped in a thermal cocoon. A final touch to this treatment is a warm organic oatmeal lotion or coconut shea butter application.

Tropical Day Dream

Close your eyes and let us take you on a scrumptious sensory vacation that begins with an organic cane sugar exfoliation. This is followed by a frothy body mask with seasonal tropical fruits that may contain enzyme rich papaya, pineapple, passion fruit ,as well as, organic yogurt. The mask is mixed live and fresh for you to maximize its vitality and healing properties. The perfect ending for this dreamy treatment is a warm aromatic tropical oil application.

Body Scrubs and Exfoliation

50 minutes • $90
for two simultaneous • $170
100 minutes (exfoliation and extended massage) • $170
for two simultaneous • $330

Our formulas are created in our "spa pharmacy" daily to deliver the highest potency and freshness to you and your skin. All of the exfoliations below begin with warm aromatic compresses and end with a hydrating aroma application.

Aztec Scrub

Delicately milled organic cornmeal, naturally vitamin E rich avocado and vanilla infused cocoa butter are combined to create this delicious body scrub.

Espresso Polish

Finely ground organic coffee and cane sugar are combined with essential oils to create this skin smoothing polish. Beneficial for reducing appearance of cellulite.

Lavender Sea Salt Exfoliation

This deeply hydrating exfoliation is a combination of pure Sea Salt, soothing sea plants and organic lavender oil. This treatment leaves your skin noticeably more smooth and feeling silky.

Head to Toe

Includes an herb infused hot oil scalp treatment and massage, as well as, a luxurious hand and foot exfoliation and massage.

Massage Services

50 minutes • $90
for two simultaneous • $170
100 minutes (exfoliation and extended massage) • $170
for two simultaneous • $330

An organic aromatherapy oil or crème specifically selected for you can be used in any of our massages.

CHS Signature Massage

This massage will creatively cater to your specific requests and areas of tension to relax tense muscles, release entrapped nerves and restore the body's natural flow of energy. This combination massage blends techniques of compression, gentle stretching, gentle rocking and friction. An ideal treatment for relieving stress & tension and returning natural balance.

Sport Persons Therapeutic Deep Tissue

This restorative massage focuses on the deeper muscle layers and includes slow deep strokes, cross muscle friction and profound direct pressure to unlock muscle tension and create deep release.

Soothing Swedish

A relaxing massage style which originated in Sweden that uses light to firm kneading and stimulating effleurage to melt way stress and muscular tension. Ahhh..

Mothers/Prenatal Massage

A nurturing massage specifically catering to the unique stress, strain and aching muscles that can be experienced by expecting mothers. A delicious gift for the ones giving life. (To be experienced during second and third trimesters.)

Relaxing Reflexology

The theory of reflexology is based on the Chinese meridian system of energetic pathways that end in the feet hands and ears. Stimulating and clearing these points can help restore balance to all of the body's associated systems.

Soothing Body Wraps

50 minutes • $90
for two simultaneous • $170

Cucumber/Lavender/Aloe/Olive Sun Relief Treatment

This treatment is recommended for sun-exposed or sensitive skin. It synergistically combines nature's most potent soothing remedies that are gently applied layer by layer. You are then wrapped you in a loose cocoon to facilitate maximum absorption. This ends in a tender re-hydrating Lavender oil application. You can feel your skin say ahhhh....

East Meets West Aromatherapy Wrap

This wrap begins with a stimulating dry brush exfoliation using a lymphatic flow technique that is believed to have originated centuries ago in Asia. We follow the exfoliation by applying an exotic spicy dosha balancing ayurvedic aroma oil to your skin and then wrap you in a nurturing thermal wrap. While wrapped you will enjoy a neck, scalp and shoulder massage. A 50 minute visit to the far east.

In Room/Villa Massage

90 minutes • $160
for two simultaneous • $310

If you would like to enjoy the luxury of a massage in the privacy of your room or villa. We can come to you.

Beach Gazebo Massage

90 minutes • $170
for two simultaneous • $330

Imagine having a deeply nurturing, stress relieving massage in a private gazebo by the ocean listening to the waves lap the shore and the sea birds playing in the air above you...we can make it happen.

Personalized Combination Experiences

At CHS it's all about you. We take great care to personalize our spa's treatments to every client's individual needs. Let us help you create your dream spa experience by creating a personalized combination treatment and schedule while on vacation with our spa concierge.

(3) 50 minute treatments or (1) 100 minute and (1) 50 minute treatment selected specifically by your desire and design

combination for one • $245
for two simultaneous • $480
if includes 3-D hot stone as one selection • $255

(4) 50 minute or (2) 100 minute or (1) 100 minute and (2) 50 minute treatments selected specifically by your desires and design

combination for one • $320
for two simultaneous • $630
if includes 3-D hot stone as one selection • $330

Combination Experiences

Bridal Make-up and Waxing Services also available. If interested please ask spa reservations.


Eye of Tiger

Sportsperson Combination- Facial of your choice, Sea Salt Exfoliation (or Sun Relief wrap) and Sportsperson (or your choice of style) massage


Queen/King for the Day

Great for Brides and Grooms -facial of your choice, body scrub of your choice, 50 minute wrap of your choice and 50 minutes of your selected style of massage

Spa Information

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment.

If you must cancel an appointment, please give us 24 hours advance notice; in the event of cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment, 100% of the service will be charged to your account.

Minors of 12 to 18 years of age may enjoy selected treatments in the presence of a parent or in simultaneous treatment with a parent.

All prices are subject to 16% tax and 10% service charge.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



























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