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The Cygalle Healing Spa is a spa management company with its own true holistic skincare line, FOOD FOR SKIN. With a commitment to wholeness and purity, the Cygalle Healing Spa line offers a healthy and sustainable approach to skincare, using organically grown plants and oils with minimal processing. The formulas are tailor made upon order, enabling them to deliver the highest potency and freshness.

Launched in 2006 as a mobile spa concept, CHS quickly gained notoriety by pampering celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Helena Christensen, David Blaine and Rosario Dawson. Cygalle Dias, the company founder, launched a spa management division for luxury hotels and condominiums in North America in November 2008, which specializes in services for wellness centers in fast-paced urban environments. The company designed, launched and managed the world class destination spa at Casa de Campo, voted one of the top spas in the world by Vanity Fair in 2009. The team was crucial with elevating the spa’s services and brand, to become a Leading Hotels of the World property.

Today, the CHS brand represents a sanctuary of wellness where the wisdom of ancient remedies meets modern methodologies. Its philosophy is to promote a natural healing environment, whether in a spa or at home via the CHS true holistic skincare line.

The spa is ubiquitous, extending far beyond the physical borders of its doors by placing a worldwide network of resources at clients’ fingertips.






















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